It left the terminal river of Kinshasa Wednesday February 14 in the morning bound for Ilebo, in the province of Kasaï, on the river which bears the same name.

An initiative of the new leaders of the transport and ports Company (SCTP)- It falls under the line of the revival of this State company.

During this voyage, the Lukamba boat transports a cargo of 1,500 tons cement belonging to a private individual and bound for Ilebo. The return is planned in a less than 60 days.

For the board of management of the SCTP, the rehabilitation of Lukamba is a sign which proves the manifest will to give to flood all the other boats of the SCTP now immobilized, in spite of the modicity of the means available to this State company.

"Today, it is a great day.The rehabilitation and starting up of Lukamba boat, more than twenty years after, lie within the scope of the new vision of the new board of management of the SCTP. It is a bet won, in the sense that in spite of the limited means available to the SCTP, there is the will to do better.

This resumption of the Lukamba boat, 20 years after its immobilism constitutes an important moment for the agents and seniors of the SCTP. That is a palpable proof which proves that we are really working...