The hydroelectric power station of Zongo II has been just brought into service on an experimental basis, five years after the launching of work of its construction, announced the director in charge of the equipment and rural electrification of the national Company of electricity (SNEL), José Maholo, during a talk last weekend with the press in Zongo, in the province of Kongo Central.

He let know that the power station Zongo II, consisted of three machines of which each one is able to produce 50 MW, will be able to produce 150 megawatts of the electric power likely to bring a solution to the problem of power cut that the town of Kinshasa knows currently.

Mr. Maholo however affirmed that Zongo II is not, for the moment, able to provide Kinshasa since the construction of the high voltage line 220 kilovolt which will have to lead this electric power is not completed yet.

He then announced the training in China and DRC, of the agents of the SNEL charged to ensure the exploitation and the maintenance of this hydroelectric power station.

Certificate Certificates sanctioning this training were handed to them last Friday in Zongo. The engineers assigned to the maintenance of this equipment pointed out that Zongo II imposed like the hydroelectric power station of the most modern made up of the machines of the last technological generation.

The hydroelectric power station of Zongo II consists of a building of 8 levels including 3 in the basement and 5 in height, in a locality which shelters another hydro-electric stopping, Zongo I, is equipped with a capacity lower than the first.