The President of the Republic, Joseph Kabila Kabange, discussed Tuesday, during two hours in his office of Gombe, with the musician artist Lutumba Ndomanueno Simaro, came to hand him his gold guitar, thus signing his official retirement of the musical life, after 60 years of career.

The "poet" Lutumba declared, on this occasion, being "extremely happy" after being received during many hours by the President of the Republic, before speaking to him about the culture of our country. "This guitar is that of the end of my musical career, among so many others that I had to scrape, and which will be placed at the national museum", he added.

In addition, the musician artist thanked President Joseph Kabila who rewarded him of his alive, by renaming the Mushie Avenue, in Lingwala township, which will be called from now on, Lutumba Simaro Avenue.

"It is quite simply the fruit of well done work", he said, adding that he is "the needle", while congolese youth, committed in the cultural sector, is the "son" called to follow his steps.

Mrs. Astrid Madiya Ntumba, Minister responsible of the Culture and Arts and Néhémie Mwilanya Wilondja, Principal private secretary of the Head of State, attended this audience.