The brains trust of the Mine of Bakwanga (MIBA), refuse to pay the former debts of her suppliers in fuel, spare parts and other food, in spite of the agreements signed between the various parts on basis of the legal decisions, reports to CPA on Thursday, one of the suppliers victims of this decision.

He supports that after a legal decision regularly pronounced by the commercial court of Mbuji-Mayi which had granted the payment within the time of the law of the damages to company LEC (Laboratory, studies and construction), the MIBA signed with its customer, a protocol of payment spread out for 9 months, of a debt of US 18.000, which was made only during two months.

The general direction of the MIBA justifies this decision by the financial difficulties which currently encounter its company while it is committed doubling efforts to increase the production of diamond in order to face, with several challenges which expect the new brains trust.

The suppliers are waiting for new contact of justice so that they recover their rights.