The Cabinet chaired Thursday at the Kingakati natural Park by the President of the Republic, Joseph Kabila Kabange, unanimously adopted the creation of a large electoral political coalition, called "Common Front for Congo "(FCC) whose signature of the Charter will come shortly.

According to the report made by the spokesman of the government and Minister of Communication and Media, Lambert Mende, the objective of this Charter will be to allow its members to participate on the basis of a common program for the democratic conquest of the country of the power at all levels of the polls.

He stressed that coalition members will support a single candidacy for the presidential election.
For this purpose, the President of the Republic remains the initiator and the moral authority of the FCC. Mr. Lambert Mende said in this regard that each member of the big coalition retains its autonomy in respect of the Charter and remains open to political parties and social forces.

We knew the land of Kingakati Nature Park hyper fertile. Everything grows there. From corn to cassava leaves, including peanuts. What one could not suspect is that one day, from the soil of this presidential farm, a political team unimaginable until recently would spring. Yet this is what happened with the birth of the Common Front for Congo.

This mega electoral coalition brings together all the political forces present within the Government. In short, for the next December elections, the MP and allies, as well as the various sensibilities of Rassop, whose members are in the Executive, will be chorus. At the head of this vast electoral platform, Raïs in person, initiator of the FCC

The advent of this broad-spectrum group is a major political event that looks like an earthquake. First of all, because in view of its size, the FCC is already posing as a vast pole on the Congolese political scene whose field would go from MP to Rassop / Kasa-Vubu, through other political groupings from the opposition.

In addition, the legitimist reflex of home should ensure that additional vocations are born to join this broad coalition. Moreover, the new platform is open to political parties and groups, independent personalities and civil society.

Finally, if it does not mean death by euthanasia of the PM, the advent of the FCC, with like Big Boss Joseph Kabila, will have the effect of relegating the traditional Kabilist movement to the background. From now on, it will be the FCC first, then the FCC and finally the FCC. Almost tsunami in the kabilie, whose landmarks are jostled- Especially since behind the announcement will follow the new structures, with inevitably new animators more adapted to the new deal...