After several decades of absence from the country, the artist-musician Ramatoula Cartouche aka "Prophet Cartouche" is back in Kinshasa to honor some contracts for stage productions.
As soon as he arrives in the Congolese capital, the singer is already recruiting musicians of his band "Tout Puissant Mbengu Mbengu" on Bula Avenue No. 1 in Bandal.

It is with this group that he will make a tour in Kongo Central where he will honor 5 contracts he has signed with some cultural producers in this part of the country.

At Kongo Central, Cartouche will be performing in Matadi on August 18 and 19 at the carnivals organized by two cultural operators and he will then travel to Boma and Tshela for two productions under the blessing of the Honorable Puela Bindele.