She is young with about twenties and she chose to praise the Eternal through the song. From Paris in France where she lives and thanks to the help of Pastor Moïse who wrote and who has just produced a work entitled "Loboko ya Nzambe" (The hand of the Lord), he was given the opportunity to place his beautiful voice. But this is only an excerpt from the full album entitled «Couronnée» which is already available in all the Fnac in France as well as in the disc market.

This opus as we say, is already on sale in the capital, French and those who had the opportunity to listen to "Loboko ya Nzambe" and even "Ozwaki ngai na zero" (You had me in the void) , are unanimous in recognizing that this singer, although in her beginning in the song, has just opened a real path that will lead her far for the honor and glory of the Almighty.

This album that speaks of God’s hand which is really sacred and leads all those who hang on toward good path, because never a child of God who walks according to his precepts, missed a few thing-God is alive: He acts and responds favorably to the request of his children. Listening to the beautiful melody that accompanies the album «Couronnée»-fans of Christian song, a very positive assessment of the continuation of the musical career of Trina Fukiau.