The atmosphere was set Sunday, September 30, 2018, the Mfumu Nlandu space, ex-Maman Wumba near the state hospital in the municipality of Kisenso, this, through a concert of good quality presented by the young artist -musician-performer, Fabregas Mbuyulu nickname Le Métis Noir with his group called Villa Nova.

From 17 hours already, the space in front of this bar had refused the world despite 6,000 Congolese Francs required to take place and attend the concert.

Nevertheless, both the organizer and his companion, everyone rubbed their hands saying that the Le Le Métis Noir really succeeded in his production and this has, once again, allowed music lovers and other curious music lovers to conclude that the Werrason School has truly trained musicians who, even in other places, continue to perpetuate the work of the King of the Forest, considered as the great precursor of the artists of the new generation.

Numerous titles from his rich repertoire have been amply enough for Fabrice Mbuyulu to give even more value to his work and the audience has been really pleased with the production at Mfumu Nlandu, only to be regretted that space was too ambiguous to contain all the mass of music lovers who came from all the neighborhoods of Kisenso and Matete.