The Association of the « Synergie de développement intégral du Congo », through the Embassy of France in the DRC, handed Tuesday at the Boboto College, in the township of Gombe, a lot of Orthography game boxes intended for students of schools in the educational province of Kinshasa / Lukunga.

Among these schools, we must mention the Boboto College, the Sacré-Cœur and Shaumba high schools, the Mgr Bokeleale Institutes and Gombe Institute. The president of this structure who works for the promotion of education through the "French club" project, Michée Ntambue, said that this Orthographic game will allow these students to discover and learn the different natural resources of the DRC.

The best students selected in these schools will be able to participate in the month of March 2019 in the contest of the Francophonie, he said. Mr. Michée Ntambue added that this action will extend throughout the city Kinshasa and throughout the country.

Moreover, the initiator of this game Olivier Kayomo noted that Orthographic is a first game of society for modern Africa which consists of 260 cards including questions and answers and riddles in the fields of general culture, the geographical and the history of the country.