The Cameroonian writer Max Lobé presented Saturday at the French Institute of Kinshasa, a presentation on his two books entitled "39 rue de Berne" and "Far from Douala", during a literary workshop organized by the Workshop for leadership, excellence and training (ALEF), as part of the 6th edition of the Kinshasa Book Festival.

In the first book, "39 rue de Berne" means 39 streets of Bene, Max Lobé tries to make a round trip between Cameroon and Switzerland, to denounce certain abuses in the migratory circuit, such as "trafficking of women", " African Black homosexuality", pointing out that his literature is factual.

However, in « Loin de Douala » means "Far from Douala", the African author affirms that the theme addressed in this book has been exploited several times by many African authors, and that he was motivated to come back to draw the attention of the public, of some almost identical phenomena observed in African religious, cultural and sports circles, namely religious fanaticism and football. This by demonstrating more, by means of "fundamentalism", the board of these realities as experienced in Cameroon.

In addition, Max Lobé believes that everyone must work for the benefit of Africa before enjoying the literature of home, in this case Congolese literature.

The vice-president of the ALEF, Alfred Dibandi Nzondomyo, for his part, affirmed that the choice of this writer at the 6th edition of the Kinshasa Book Festival was made following the great merit of his works, counted in five and the consideration he enjoys internationally, having already won the prize of the Romanesque Academy.