The head of the "Africa diva collecti", the musician Oracle Ngoy, kicked off Monday the activities marking the first edition of the cultural forum called "Yambi City", under the theme: "Woman, arts and technicality ", during a press conference and exchange with the kinshasa artists, held in the space « Plateforme le contemporain », in the township of Bandalungwa.

She informed that, this cultural meeting scheduled from 26 to 29 November, constitutes a platform for exchange and artistic expression, which she initiated in order to promote the talents of young kinshasa people specialized in all sectors of art, such as painting, sculpture, photography and music.

Yambi City, proposes to be a channel of contacts between the Congolese artists and the cultural operators of the international scene, in particular to facilitate their productions abroad.
This gives a privilege to the female artist whose presence is still weak at international level, she said.

For her part, the godmother of Yambi City, the singer and rapper, Dada Kahindo, called on his fellow artists to appropriate this event, which intends to propose reflections on the situation of each art discipline, its leaders and to propose exit ways, to make the sector more profitable.

According to the program, it is planned Tuesday, a session of sharing between female artists, including their contribution and their positioning in the artistic world.

The days of Wednesday and Thursday will be devoted to workshops of reflection open to all artists, all the tendencies, including those working in solo career, to discuss and share experiences on the difficulties of trade and the maneuvers used to overcome them in order to secure their careers.

A performance night is scheduled for Friday to close the event at the Palm Beach space in Gombe.