The Common Front for Congo (FCC) will not let anyone sabotage the current electoral process. The mega electoral platform that President Joseph Kabila is initiator and moral authority, during a press conference held yesterday Monday, December 3, denounced and condemned "the step to destroy the efforts of an entire nation so that the people can self-determine next December 23 ".

According to the Coordinator of the FCC Strategic Committee, Néhémie Mwilanya, "some actors have made a clear choice to work against the electoral process, and the latest development is marked by interviews with leaders of the Lamuka platform who advocate violence against the electoral process.

We followed them declaring openly that on December 23 we should not have elections with the system proposed by the CENI, the voting machine. "According to Nehemiah Mwilanya, it is simply call for violence. "The LAMUKA candidate called on his activists to prevent the organization of elections on December 23 in that country, with the reason that he would not agree with the use of the voting machine. This is extremely serious. It is a denial of democracy. This process is carried by a whole people, "he said.
Invited by RFI, the standard-bearer candidate for the "LAMUKA" coalition, Martin Fayulu, called on his supporters to reject the voting machine.0

"I said to the Congolese people: do not allow anyone to hold elections with the voting machine, because it is illegal!" The fraud is prepared, and we must start from the elections Rule of law (...) We ask our electors that we do not even install the voting machine in the polling stations, that no one can organize the elections using the voting machine ".

For the Coordinator of the FCC Strategic Committee, "these talks are extremely serious or even inadmissible". Henri Mova, another prominent member of the FCC, sees into Martin Fayulu as "a Trojan horse that we want to insert as a virus in the process"…

Evaluating the electoral process, the Common Front for the Congo expressed its satisfaction in which its presidential candidate has engaged in the democratic battle since the election campaign began.

"The evaluation of the first geographical area visited, that of Katanga shows that there is a strong adherence to his program and we think that it will be relayed of course in the other blocks," Nehemiah Mwilanya said.

According to the coordinator of the Strategic Committee of the Common Front for Congo, the realization of this step was made possible thanks to the tenacity of the President of the Republic and Moral Authority of the FCC, Joseph Kabila Kabange.

Shadary storms Equateur this Tuesday, December 4 

After the Katanga space, it is that of Equateur that will be visited this Tuesday by the Kabilie’s candidate, Emmanuel Ramazani Shadary.

"We call our population, our constituents who are in the other geographical blocks including the Equateur bloc that will be discussed from tomorrow, to join the program of our candidate Number 13 in the presidential election, Comrade Emmanuel Ramazani Shadary", Nehemiah Mwilanya revealed.

The Coordinator of the FCC Strategic Committee also invited the public to vote for all FCC candidates in the national and provincial legislatures, to give a comfortable majority to their presidential candidate once elected.