It is a true cruising speed that the candidate of the Fcc began yesterday Tuesday, December 4, Emmanuel Ramazani Shadary campaigned in two Provinces of Grand Equateur: Nord and Sud-Ubangi, stronghold of Jean-Pierre Bemba, the one of the tenors of the Lamuka coalition.

In Gbadolite and Gemena, the number 13 made a demonstration of force braving the tiredness and many people came to listen him with enthusiasm.

A broken Territorial, Emmanuel Ramazani Shadary spoke about the challenges of each of these Provinces and their particularity. "Water, electricity, roads serving agricultural, schooling of primary school children, opening up of certain corners of these two provinces ... everything falls within the framework of the major axes of my five-year program", declared the candidate number 13, soliciting to this effect the votes of the populations of Nord and Sud Ubangi to materialize his commitments.

Other commitments once elected president, exemption from payment of primary education teaching, removal of the related expenses for the students, the rehabilitation of the Mobayi Mbongo dam and several historical works of the county town of the province, the solution to the problem of the Mbororo stockbreeders to maintain good relations with the close countries.

After Grand Katanga, Emmanuel Ramazani has campaigned in six provinces of the country. ¶He has from now on a length in advance on his adversaries ", comments on one of his close relations.

The observers greet the fair-play of the FCC’s candidate which, since the beginning of his campaign did not insult any of his adversaries. "Coup sur coup" did not quote them by name either to disparage them in front of his electorate.