The Minister of Higher Education and University, Steve Mbikayi, visited this Tuesday, December 4 at the National Institute of Arts (INA), located in the township of Gombe in Kinshasa, to calm the storm.

As soon as he learned of the students’ discontent at this institution of higher and university education, Steve Mbikayi went without delay there. When he arrived on the ground, he was greeted by a group of students and listened to all the parties before seeing the violation of the 020 academic instruction by the management committee.

Steve Mbikayi, put the students in their right by requiring in accordance with section 20, that the first installment be paid as last year, before pointing out that no increase in fees will be allowed.
For their part, the students were satisfied with the intervention of the minister by reacting with shouts of joy. In the same way, they thanked Minister Steve Mbikayi for his descent which allowed to find a solution to their concerns.

It was also an opportunity for the Minister to warn the management committees regarding the respect of academic instruction 020 and also asked students to kindly meet their obligation to better enable the INA to work well.