The Head of State, Joseph Kabila Kabange, who has been working in the Haut Katanga since the weekend, met on Tuesday in Lubumbashi, with a large delegation of notabilities from all sectors of this province, with which he has confirmed the organization of presidential, national and provincial legislative elections by December 23, 2018.

On this occasion, the President of the Republic, after highlighting the irreversibility of the electoral process underway in the DRC, invited his interlocutors to make sensitize their respective bases for a massive participation in this election to be held in a peaceful atmosphere.

The exchange between the Head of State and the delegation of the notabilities of Haut Katanga also turned on current topics including the safety of people and their property, the supervision of the population during the election period etc...

The participants at this meeting thanked the Head of State for giving them an opportunity to interact with the country's supreme authority and promised to raise awareness among the population for the electoral process success.

The governor of Haut Katanga, Célestin Pande Kapopo, attended this meeting. On the weekend, the President of the Republic inaugurated the SICODEX civil explosives manufacturing plant in Likasi and the new building of the INPP / Katanga Provincial Directorate in Lubumbashi, one recalled.