FORUM DES AS speaks of a severe implementation of the CENCO and mentions: "No political activities for the Catholic clergy". The watchword, the newspaper mentions, has just been given in all the parishes of the country, as in 2006 and 2011. The clergy being warned in the foreground-hence the Code of Conduct recently enacted by Catholic prelates

Considered as a period of high social tension where political opponents and their supporters clash and sometimes violently, priests are required not to give the floor to politicians during Masses, not to do the electoral propaganda of any candidate and not to put the church rooms at the disposal of politicians for the election campaign, the newspaper adds.

Just about the campaign, FORUM DES AS rebounds with the presence of Emmanuel Shadary in Lisala who promises schooling gratuitousness and employment to young people, the fight against erosion ... Other commitment of the Rais’ dolphin, to make Bumba a city endowing this one from a modern airport, the tabloid adds. And to add the words of the concerned person: "Bumba will be one of my priorities because he has the capacity to feed the whole Republic.

"Martin Fayulu realizes a tidal wave in Beni", LA PROSPERITE reports, which points out that the population of this city has massively mobilized and has reserved a delusional welcome to the candidate Number 4 in the presidential election of December 23, 2018.

"Martin Fayulu Madidi has been acclaimed by almost the entire city of Beni. About 200,000 people made the trip to “rond-point du 30 Juin”, located at Nyamwisi Boulevard. The "Lamuka" candidate was carried in triumph from the plane foot up to the stand where he should hold his meeting. The waiting was so long, certainly. Two firm promises were made to this bruised population, namely: the fight against insecurity and the eradication of Ebola haemorrhagic fever ", the tabloid concluded.

LE POTENTIEL speaks also of "great triumph" of Martin Fayulu who made already "jealous". The newspaper reports that before heading to Butembo, Martin Fayulu has taken the measure of his popularity and the hope he embodies for the entire Congolese people.

According to the newspaper, the warm welcome received in Beni testifies to the popular support for his program of building a dignified and prosperous Congo. Meanwhile, LE PHARE announces that after the missed stage of Walikale, "the Fatshivit couple this Thursday to Bukavu". The daily explains that unable to ensure the security of the CACH leaders coalition in Walikale, the police did not allow their movement.

Thus Felix Tshisekedi and Vital Kamerhe were satisfied to chair, in the morning of yesterday, a press conference to assess the political situation and projections in the short and long term. Namely the fight against poverty and challenges of securing the eastern territories mainly in the martyrdom provinces of Sud and Nord-Kivu as those of the former Province Orientale