A check of USD 5 million and 13 gears, gift of the Head of State Joseph Kabila Kabange, was presented to the executives and workers of the Bakwanga Mining Company (MIBA), in order to make efficient the revival of this company.

The presentation of this endowment coincided with the commemoration day of the Miners' Day which did not have any particular activities because of the financial difficulties that the company has been crossing through since 2008.

For the leaders of this society, the production must be improved in order to organize all the related events.

In the name of the entire MIBA community, the Chairman of the Board Mr. Dieudonné Mbaya Tshakanyi expressed his gratitude to the President of the Republic for the fulfillment of his promise to see MIBA play its traditional role in the national economy. The workers and managers of the company have previously participated in a motorized caravan organized in the different camps of the employees.