Another commitment of "Raïs’dolphin", to make Bumba a city by endowing it with a modern airport- The city of Lisala vibrated yesterday Wednesday, November 5 at the arrival of the FCC candidate, Emmanuel Ramazani Shadary. The atmosphere was very electric.

It was a human tide that accompanied the Number 13 candidate and his entire delegation, composed of José Makila, Egbake Omer, Jeannine Mabunda and many others FCC leaders from the airfield up to Papa Raphael which was full of people.

The "Raïs’ dolphin", thanked the people of Lisala for their unwavering support. Also, Emmanuel Ramazani Shadary has promised this population that once elected, he will fight against the erosions that enclose this city.

Other problems raised by the candidate against a backdrop of commitments: sanitation of the judiciary, gratuitousness of primary education, rehabilitation of roads; youth employment...

Meeting in Lisala and Bumba 

Things are moving very fast with the Fcc candidate. Everything is going well in the Grand Equateur where a warm welcome is reserved for him at each stage. Left Gemena on Wednesday, December 5, Ramazani arrived in Lisala where he was received in a scenario reminiscent of the time when the former Marshal returned to his hometown of Lisala. From the airport to the downtown, crowds filled with joy accompanied the Fcc candidate.

The number 13 kept people for 45 minutes at the Papa Raphael Stadium. "The erosions, the rehabilitation of the main artery that starts from the airport up to downtown, education, agriculture, the industrial fishery and all the questions that must bring together the girls and sons of this province" were tackled by candidate 13 who also focused on youth jobs and justice for all.

After Lisala, he headed for Bumba, territory of Mongala. Welcomed by local notability, the National President of the women's league, Jeannine Mabunda, Jean-Pierre Lihau and other worthy sons from Kinshasa, Emmanuel Ramazani has also deployed his oratorical skills at the Père Carlos de Bumba Stadium.

He sought the votes of the electors to be the 5th President of the DRC after being appointed by President Joseph Kabila Kabange. He promised that Bumba will be one of his priorities once elected. "Because, Bumba has the capacity to feed the entire Republic, he promised to make Bumba a city and endow it with an airport."

"My program is ambitious and promising for our country, so I'm not attacking anyone, I'm defending my program," he said. The candidate will fly this Thursday morning to Boende, capital of the Tshuapa Province, the last stage of his campaign in the Grand Equateur.