The Zaiko Langa Langa Nkolo Mboka Orchestra is traveling to the United States of America for a visit lasting more than two months. And the group owner of the ngwasuma style is going from success to success and it will continue until December 2018.

The source tells us that this musical formation will celebrate the Nativity and New Year's Eve in the country of Uncle Sam, and she will be able to return to Kinshasa only in the month of January 2019. Nevertheless, it will be remembered that at the Dallas stopover, for inexplicable reasons, two elements of the orchestra have defected. This is singer Edo and guitarist Los, little known to the public.

The wizard hunt launched by close collaborators of Ya Jossart residents in this part of the United States to get their hands on the fugitives and recover passports not to give a bad impression to the US Embassy in the DRC. Zaiko's return to Kinshasa was unsuccessful.

For the rest, this group, which is currently seeing their performance at the zenith since the launch of his dance "mokongo ya nkoba" on the web, is still receiving acclamation at each concert.

And considering a tight-knit team of talented artists, Nyoka Longo is just rubbing his hands. In the meantime, despite some passing quibbles, his round in the United States of America is just continuing.