The music lovers continue to put many questions as for the exit in the market of the opus "Boza mabe" that the Nobel Prize of the verb Felix Wazekwa would propose to launch on the market of the disc.

Expected so much by fans of good music that distil this musical formation that dominated in 2016 and 2017 with its bonus "Fimbu" which had become almost the anthem of all the political and sports issues.

Announced with pomp, the album "Boza mabe" continues to create controversy in the circuit of the Cultur'A Pays Vie orchestra, which, with the return of the charming singer Ceden Ohana, should produce a completely different work.

But a source reports that although welcomed in the group, the prodigy child is not welcome at all and we do not really give him the time to express himself through a wonderful board. A few days ago, we saw S'grave campaigning in Tshangu, specifically in Maluku. To whom is he doing it? We are unable to reveal anything about it at this point.