The singer Pathy-Asanta, the real descendant of King Kester Emeneya, at the helm of his band, has just made his way to Bandundu-town, capital of Kwilu province.

Since the announcement of his concert Sunday, December 9, it is a huge crowd who made the move to the municipal stadium to live the exploits of this young singer who, against all odds, swear only in the name of Nkwa Mambu Emeneya, his idol.

As a result, he delivered a very successful concert, putting everyone in agreement about his way of singing, dressing and walking, a true banner of Victoria Eleison's Dream-Team boss, Dream Band who has left this world for more than 4 years already.

In addition, to ensure his presence on the market, Pathy Asanta is into studio where he finalizes a very significant opus that will defend his class with some disruptive shine in this circuit. After Bandundu, Pathy Asanta returns to Kinshasa to finalize the opus in question.