According to the commander of the Congolese National Police (PNC) in this territory, Colonel Jean-Pierre Wumbi, these policemen come in reinforcements to secure the population and the electoral process.

"I have just received young policemen from Kitona Training Center who passed through Goma to arrive here. It is a squadron of police which came, outside of our ordinary missions to protect the population and their possessions, they came to secure the electoral process, secure the voters, secure the candidates as well as equipment including CENI facilities so that the elections are held in a tranquility climate", Colonel Jean-Pierre Wumbi assured.

He invited the people of the villages of Beni to welcome them "as their sons", he also explains how this deployment is done.

"From now on, I am already starting to deploy the police at all police stations, starting first with the Oicha, Mbau, Mangina, Kabasha, Kyondo, Bulongo and Kasindi police stations. There are languages that say that they are soldiers dressed in police uniforms, that is false because they are policemen trained as policemen. I ask the people to welcome these policemen as their sons", he insisted.

In addition to the city of Beni, other policemen from Kitona, Kapalata and Kamina training centers arrived in Butembo.