In a statement of 26 December 2018, signed by André-Alain Atundu, his spokesman, we learn with amazement that "European Union, which was not allowed to send
an election observation mission this time, as a measure of retaliation for its unjust sanctions against Congolese personalities, has, despite everything, managed to infiltrate the CENI machine.

How? "By financially supporting the activities of some national observer groups," Ambassador André-Alain Atundu revealed. But that's not all. The European Union is preparing a "post-election challenge by insidiously releasing the perverse rumor of the announced victory of their darling of the moment, even minority even in the op-position", Atundu said. Facing this, the presidential majority calls on the Congolese people to be vigilant and asks him to "defend the prerequisites, already acquired, of his happiness as the mining code" and this, if necessary, making use of Article 64 of the Constitution.

In the same statement, the Presidential Majority reassured the population, troubled in recent days by frightening rumors of the presence of foreign military. Explanations from the spokesman: "It is easy to understand that due to the particular circumstances of the moment, the FARDC General Staff will have to carry out troop movements throughout the Republic according to the security requirements of time and place".

About the enlightenment of election day in the electoral wards of Beni, Beni-city, Butembo and Yumbi, the MP urges the Congolese to wait in serenity on the day of the vote and to understand the decision of CENI which was dictated by a public health imperative, in the case of the cited first three wards, and, for Yumbi, "serious social unrest and displacement of many people". Finally, the Presidential Majority spokesman called on national political actors, observers and partners of the international community not to speculate on the results of the elections that have not yet taken place.