Seventy-four (74) high judges of the supreme Court of appeal and of the Council of State as well as public prosecutors of these high courts, took oath before the President of the Republic, Joseph Kabila Kabange, supreme magistrate of the Congolese Nation, during a solemn ceremony held Thursday at the Palais de la Nation, in the township of Gombe in Kinshasa.

There are nine presidents of the supreme Court of appeal, twenty-three councilors, eleven attorneys general, thirteen attorneys general, five presidents of the Council of State, thirteen councilors of the Council of State and four first attorneys general.

The sworn swore before the Head of State to respect the Constitution and laws of the Democratic Republic of Congo, to loyally and faithfully fulfill with honor and dignity the functions entrusted to them.

The President of the Republic, as supreme magistrate of the Congolese nation, took note of their swearing. The sworn members then signed the minutes of their swearing in front of the Chief of Staff of the Head of State, Néhemie Mwilanya Wilondja.

Previously, the Chief Advisor of the Head of State at the administrative and legal college, Professor Gérard Katambwa took the opportunity to remind the memory of all and in particular the judges, the terms of the speech of the Head of State on the state of the nation delivered at the congress on July 19 to discuss the relevant lines he had given on reform in the justice sector, saying that it has also met a change through a rupture of the existing jurisdictional order.

The Head of State's concern, he stressed, was to restore to the judiciary its true role of regulator of social life and protector of public order, so that impunity could be averted forever and the trivialization of political values of the essential values of society protected by criminal law.

According tp the senior adviser Gérard Katambwa, it is time for this to cease any indulgence or laxness towards the magistrates who, instead of honoring their oath, turn from their vocation to become the real factors of insecurity in the country within the body.

Moreover, he believes that it is time that, thanks to the reforms and changes made, the thirst for justice strongly felt by our people is quenched and that those who have chosen to do business in the DRC have full faith in its judicial system. Léon Kengo wa Dondo, Bruno Tshibala Nzenzhe and Rémy Massamba, respectively President of the Senate, Prime Minister and 2nd Vice-President of the National Assembly attended the ceremony.