The voting machine will be there including the ballot papers. Candidates are called upon to contribute to the success of the electoral process. Without troubles or chaos, Congolese have the opportunity to choose their future leaders, notwithstanding the pitfalls as well as all the other technical preciousness resulting, logically, conditions process as complex and multiple. Especially that it is a country with continental size, with 2,345,000 square kilometers and nine neighbors whose inquisitive eye in this process is still not welcome, according to the Congolese government had decided, the least for this time, to finance, on its own, the relative cost.

Let's go to the main think 

So long has been the wait, the bottom line is that finally, in the early morning hours of Sunday, December 30, 2018, specifically at six o'clock, polling stations will be open.

In this regard, the CENI, according to him, would have make arrangements for the agents assigned to the task to be at the polls at 5 o'clock to prepare everything, that is to say , kits including ballot boxes, polling booths, ballot papers, minutes and all other necessary documents, not forgetting, of course, the voting machine, although strongly contested by Lamuka and the other candidates involved in the race of Presidential 2018, to welcome voters.

In terms of procedures, each of those who are expected should, normally, protect themselves from his voter's card which he will present to the assessors before they give him the ballot papers with three choices to be made in three elections, namely, the Presidential election coupled with the national and provincial legislative elections, which must take place in a sequence and in one day, in accordance with the options lifted, since the solemn end of the direct discussions, culminating in the signing of the New Year's Eve, concluded under the rule of the Bishops, on December 31, 2016, at the Interdiocesan Center, on the edge of the Gombe…