He is about to succeed of one of the missions entrusted to him by the Head of State, Joseph Kabila, at the time of his appointment - as Prime Minister resulting from the Dialogue of the Center inter diocesan, held under the aegis of the Episcopal National Conference of Congo, CENCO. It is Bruno Tshibala Nzenzhe, this tough opponent, companion faithful of the late Etienne Tshisekedi wa Mulumba. This mission is the organization of presidential and national legislative and provincial elections Sunday, December 30, 2018.

In addition to the elections, Brutshi was also responsible for restoring the State Authority to the entire national territory; improve the macroeconomic framework, thereby boosting the social Congolese.

In a hostile international environment, the Tshibala Government cut itself into a thousand pieces to mark an era, or better the story that will hold that under his mandate, he will have organized elections that allowed a peaceful transfer of power between outgoing president of the Republic and the incoming one. This is for first time in the Democratic Republic of Congo. What to be proud. More of it, Brutshi welcomes it and would like posterity to retain and recognize this feat.

Macro-level, Brutshi has controlled inflation, propelling growth to 3.8%. In short, efforts will have to be made on this side.

As for the elections, as a democrat, Tshibala intends to see the CENI which, moreover, has been financed from its own funds to organize transparent elections. He wishes good luck to all. Even so, he greets the bravery of the FCC candidate, who, with a message that convinced the electorate, crisscrossed almost all the provinces of the Republic. Which, in the opinion of the Head of Government, gives him a little more advance compared to his competitors of which, could not fight campaign, even if they paid for their quarantee.

Recall that this kind of intimate confession, Tshibala Nzenzhe made it on Thursday, December 27, 2018, at theb time of audience that he granted to the press bosses at the government house.