"Elections: won bet ", this is the title that FORUM DES AS posted in its delivery of this Monday, December 31, 2018. The daily newspaper of Limete 11e Rue notes that despite incidents noted here and there through the country, Congolese voted Sunday, December 30 in a relatively peaceful climate.

Despite rain pouring down in Kinshasa, in the morning of Sunday, December 30, the Kinshasa people have mobilized massively to fulfill their civic duty late in the night. The president of the CENI won the bet of organizing peaceful, democratic and transparent elections, with the voting machine, the tabloid reveals.

FORUM DES AS underlines from the information in its possession that there has been no complaint about the use of the voting machine.

For its part, LE PHARE reports the great electoral confusion. This newspaper of Colonel Lukusa Avenue reports that all that was feared was the rendez-vous: late opening of countless polling stations, suppression of many polling stations, breakdowns of voting machines, names of voters absent from electoral lists, witnesses and election observers unable to do their job, because without a badge or hunted from polling stations by men in uniform, polling and counting stations monopolized by witnesses of a single political camp etc.

For this newspaper, the feeling that leave the electoral operations of Sunday, December 30 is that the messes registered in Kinshasa as in provinces cannot contribute to the bursting of the truth of the ballot boxes.

In the same vein, LE POTENTIEL headlines: "Serious dysfunctions and technical breakdowns in the elections of December 30". The newspaper of Bas-Congo Avenue reports that in the provinces, just as in Kinshasa, the capital, voting machines have presented serious dysfunctions, not counting the electoral logistics that did not follow in time, forcing at times CENI to use its stock of relief to calm the overheated voters. The most obvious, the newspaper reveals, is that several voters have not had the opportunity to express their voting intentions.

The interview given to Jeune Afrique by the coordinator of the Common Front for Congo (CFC), Nehemiah Mwilanya, is also of interest to many newspapers. PROSPERITE retains of this interview that after January 18, 2019, "Kabila will give a free hand to his elected successor!". Indeed, Nehemiah Mwilanya argued that "it is Joseph Kabila who fought for the establishment of democracy in this country. And he is still fighting today to consolidate it through the possibility of the first democratic and peaceful alternation in the DRC. He has respected the constitution, he will certainly leave his successor the fullness of his constitutional prerogatives as head of state and the President of the Republic.

Under the title: "Joseph Kabila remains the pledge of the holding of the elections", L'OBSERVATEUR reports that "if there have been elections twice in this country, and if there will be for the third time, this stems from President Kabila's personal desire to install democracy in the DRC. The opposition has always shone with its desire to get the power through violence or negotiation".