Felix Tshisekedi, one of the two principal candidates of the opposition and president of the Union for the democracy and the social progress (UDPS) were elected Thursday, 5th President of the Republic with 38,57%, at the term of the Plenary assembly of the independent national electoral Commission (CENI) of evaluation and of deliberation of the provisional results of the presidential election of December 30, 2018. The president of the CENI, Corneille Nangaa which carried out the publication of these results, pointed out that he obtained 7,053,000 votes out of 18,280,830 votes validly expressed with a rate of participation of 47,56%.

The two other challengers, Martin Fayulu and Emmanuel Ramazani Shadary respectively obtained 6,366,732 either 35,2% and 4,357,359 or 23,8%. Corneille Nangaa thanked, in the name of the plenary, the institutions of the Republic and particularly the Head of the State,
Joseph Kabila Kabange whose actions were determining for the success of these polls.

He also paid tribute in particular to the government for the major options he took whose financing on own funds of the elections, the two rooms of the Parliament to have adopted all the laws which the CENI needed, the courses and courts for their accompaniment without forgetting the organizations of the civil society of which criticisms and observations allowed to move as with the voters who voted on December 30, 2018 in peace and quietude.

During During the 3rd electoral cycle in DRC, Felix Tshisekedi, thus becomes the 5th President of the democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), after Joseph Kasa- Vubu, Mobutu Sese Seko, Laurent-Désiré Kabila and Joseph Kabila Kabange. Born in 1963, Felix Tshisekedi, is a congolese politician.

He is the son of Etienne Tshisekedi, the well known DRC opponent died on February 1, 2017 in Belgium. Felix Tshisekedi carries out his secondary studies in Kinshasa then works in companies which he is Co-founded. He joined the rows of the Union for the democracy and the social progress (UDPS), party led by his father, then becomes one of the executives there.

At the end of 2008, he is named national secretary of the UDPS in charge of outside. In November 2011, he is elected deputy in Mbuji-Mayi. In October 2016, he is named secretary-general of the UDPS. It belonged to the delegation of the UDPS, led by his father Etienne Tshisekedi, to negotiate with President Joseph Kabila the holding of the elections. Étienne Tshisekedi managed the negotiations for the Gathering of the opposition which led to the agreements of New Year's Eve signed 31 December 2016.

At the end of March 2018, Felix Tshisekedi is elected at the presidency of the UDPS and is chosen like candidate of the party for the presidential election of December 30, 2018. In August, the independent national electoral Commission validates his candidature for the presidential election.