"Nothing is indeed excluded ", concerning a probable parliamentary alliance, Cach-FCC or Cach-lamuka, for the constitution of a forthcoming majority, let know the candidate president Felix Tshisekedi. As for the possibility of opening with the other forces if his coalition obtains only the parliamentary Majority, Felix Tshisekedi answered:"It is very difficult. We have a system with proportional which I always qualified for a large country like Congo…

Obviously, we will yield there while hoping to form the most solid majority: I.e. based on a concrete program for the 5 years and which program will be explained to our compatriots. I stan for it. The budget of the presidency, for example, one will say of how much it is and which is the wages of the president of the Republic and all the other civils servant of the State. And we will return accounts to the population on what was done, what entered into cashboxes of the State and what left there…

And what remains to be done. We want to bring this new key, this new way of controlling…" In the optics of this opening in terms of alliance, the UDPS, which carried out the Opposition during 37 years, does not have the spirit of revenge at all, Felix Tshisekedi underlined. He intends to take as a starting point the wisdom of his father Etienne Tshisekedi. "The interests of the State pass before our personal consideration, which I am ready to tighten the hand with those who controlled this country… Among them, everyone is not bad…", the national president of the UDPS said.

Tribute Tribute to Joseph Kabila 

Being his relationship with Joseph Kabila, Felix Tshisekedi estimates that tributes should be paid to him honestly. «He accepted to do not stand for 3rd mandate; and now; it is necessary to wait and see whether the truth of the ballot boxes will be known as. One will still return to him in this moment there of the tributes for saying that he allowed that the truth of the ballot boxes is known as. He allowed this political alternation about which one spoke so much.

It is historical. A great first in our country. There will be an outgoing president who will remain with the country… It would be, in my opinion, inhuman, even criminal to be caught some to somebody who allows that the State continues its normal life. It is necessary to honour him and entrust missions to him. Missions of pacification in the countries in conflicts, of the missions of representation of our country because his calling card will remain clearing…"

Concerning Martin Fayulu, Felix Tshisekedi carried his appreciation in particular around his friendship with the candidate of LAMUKA."Martin Fayulu, broadly speaking, he is my brother: ideological, religious, social. He is somebody whom I appreciate much. We scrambled ourselves in Geneva, it is a policy. But for me, there is no resentment; If there is possibility for our two groups of forming the majority, why not?", he let know.

And if he is not elected, Felix Tshisekedi does not hear play bad losing if the play is equitable."I should initially know how it arrived compared to the figures that I hold. We have an electoral power station which compiles. We have information which comes from reliable sources and which establish us like having won these elections. Therefore, I will check and then, one will warn… If these figures are in conformity with mine, I am democratic, there is no reason so that I would be that who will cause an obstacle with the development of the democracy in our country."