"Management of the country: towards a MP-Tshisekedi cohabitation ", L’AVENIR reveals. Quoting the spokesman of the presidential Majority, André-Alain Atundu, the newspaper points out that the tendencies note through all the electoral districts revealed by the electoral power station that the MP is sure to keep its statute of greater political party within next National Assembly and this, with a comfortable majority.

"It is clearly obvious that the MP will keep its statute of greater political whole within next national Assembly and this, with a comfortable majority. This electoral projection opens the prospect for an inescapable cohabitation with president Tshisekedi in the management of the country ", the tabloid analyzes.

LE PHARE, on its side, mentions: "Felix Tshisekedi, first people!". The newspaper which points out this "creed" of Etienne Tshisekedi at the time of presidential of 2011 estimates that the delicate and exciting spot which expect the new future chair of DRC is that to translate in the acts the ideal of his late father, become as by chance that of the UDPS, the party of which he became number one since the extraordinary Congress of March 2018.

The newspaper quotes also the security challenge, the challenge of the fight against poverty, the challenge of the creation of jobs, of transport, housing, drinking water, electricity and health.

In addition, the same newspaper estimates that the victory of Felix Tshisekedi is greeted by the UN secretary-general, the president of the Commission of the African Union and the South-African president… It indicates that Antonio Guterres noted the announcement of the results and congratulates the congolese people for his "political maturity and reiterates the support as well as the commitment of UN to go the remainder of the electoral process". Cyril Ramaphosa said, " to have taken good note" of the provisional results having sanctioned the presidential of December 30. And to continue: Moussa Faki of the CUA hammered that "overall, the elections were held under satisfactory conditions in DRC".

FORUM DES AS evokes that the election of Tshisekedi profited from a "contrasted reception". Particularly in Kinshasa, the newspaper illustrates, in certain districts, there were scenes of jubilation, in others, on the other hand of the scuffles between supporters of Lamuka and Cash. In particular in Tshangu where, the newspaper reveals, a man died.

"The CENCO takes note, but", mentions LE POTENTIEL which publishes the entirety of the declaration of the CENCO at the time of its mission of electoral observation. This mission notes however that analysis of the elements observed, the results of presidential as published by the CENI do not correspond to the data collected starting from the examination and polling stations.

The CENCO exhorts everyone, in the event of a possible dispute, to use the way of law in accordance with the Constitution and to the electoral law.