Prices of one kilogram of gold ounce and silver are projected upward on the international market during the week of January 28 to February 2, 2019, indicate trends in base values of mining products merchants, in a statement from the National Mercurial Commission of the Ministry of Foreign Trade, a copy of which was arrived Friday at ACP.

According to this announcement, these two products will be respectively bargained at US 41,502.42 against US 40,751.69 and US 451,52 against US 430,55 per kilogram. However, copper, cobalt, tantalum and zinc will decline over the same period, trading at US $ 5,961.20 against US $ 5,990.90 per ton, US $ 34,794.90 against US $ 54,397, respectively. $ 35 per ton, $ 11.62, versus $ 11.74 per kilogram and $ 2,556.30 against $ 2,586.00 per ton

In view of the variations in the market, it should be noted that cobalt and copper lost value in the international market by dropping, respectively, from around USD 7,000 to USD 5,961.20 and USD 34,794.90 against nearly nearly US 100,000 in the second quarter of 2018. The National Mercurial Commission of the Ministry of Foreign Trade, which delivered these different trends in the international market, did not give the reasons for the fall in prices of these products. According to an economic analyst contacted by the ACP, but who requested anonymity, the decline in copper and cobalt prices is due to weak demand in the international market.

Moreover, it should be remembered that the economy of the Democratic Republic of the Congo is, for the most part, based on exports of mining products. The decline in mining economic activities is a hindrance for the country to mobilize revenue that can support government action.

Rising prices for Robusta and Arabica coffees

In addition, the National Mercurial Commission noted that prices of Robusta and Arabica coffee rose during the period from 24 to 30 January 2019, respectively from US 1.47 USD to US 1.49 and US 1.37 to US 1.43 per kilogram.

According to the same source, prices of cocoa, rubber, papain, cinchona bark, totaquina powder, quinine salt and rawolfia remained stable on the international market. They respectively sell for US 1.22, US 0.67, UNS 15.47, US 1.50, US 52.80, US 89.76 and US 1.50 per kilogram.