According to sources close to the bereaved family, the deceased had been stricken by the disease for nearly a month in her residence in Bandalungwa township without receiving appropriate health care. "Despite the calls for support launched on television by Chaka Kongo, the president of the Asbl “Artiste en danger”; nothing of significant had been done. She stayed for a long time without proper medical care in her residence", reports a former member of the Empire Bakuba Pepe Kallé orchestra.

The announcement of her death was quickly recovered by Internet users in Kinshasa. Messages of condolence from Congolese music fans flooded social networks throughout the weekend. The death of Pauline Lundokisi comes 20 years after that of her husband, Kabasele Yampanya, whom she continued to mourn until the last hours of her life.

The widow Pépé Kallé had not remarried since the unexpected disappearance of her husband. She has, in her various media outlets, affirmed remaining in love with the man who made her known". I cannot remarry for the honor of my late husband Pépé Kallé.

I cannot commit this stupidity by disappointing the man who made me known, who honored me. If I am respected everywhere around the country and in the world, it is thanks to him, "said Pauline Lundokisi during a program made on the occasion of the celebration of 20 years of the death of her husband.

That his soul rests in peace. Maman Pauline was a good woman who always knew how to stay on good terms with the elders of the Empire Bakuba orchestra, with all the Congolese musicians, even with the family of her late husband. She was always present at the funeral of other artists and during the ceremonies organized in tribute to the deceased artists", an artist actor said.

Died on 28 November 1998, Kabasele Yampanya called Pepe Kallé totaled 20 years underground last year. He left behind several children, including Mamy Mbula whom he immortalized through a well-known song of the Kinshasa people. Born on March 30, 1957, the late Pauline Kabasele Lundokisi leaves 3 children, the mourning is currently held at the family residence in the Adoula area, in the township of Bandalungwa.