The President of the Republic, Félix Antoine Tshisekedi Tshilombo paid a last tribute on Sunday to the former Prime Minister and Secretary General of the Unified Lumumbist Party (PALU), Antoine Gizenga, during a funeral ceremony organized in his memory at the Hall of the People's Palace, in Lingwala township.

President Félix Tshisekedi has laid a wreath of flowers in front of the mortal remains of this patriarch and former collaborator of the first Prime Minister Emery Patrice Lumumba. Informed of the death of this monument of Congolese politics, the Head of State had already visited at his residence in Mont Fleuri to console his family as soon as he returned from his official mission in Namibia, while promising a dignified funeral for the head of PALU.

In the register of condolences opened at the family residence, Felix Tshisekedi paid tribute to a baobab whose struggle inspired him a lot. Many personalities from the world of politics, justice, army and police, members of PALU and the biological family of the illustrious disappeared responded to the funeral of this great politician, before being taken to the family concession, N'sele, where he will be provisionally buried.

In his funeral speech, Prime Minister Bruno Tshibala praised the good and loyal services rendered by this illustrious disappeared. "The government pays tribute to him, for his loyal service to the nation, which allowed him the merit of pioneer of the Independence, "he said, pointing out that he fought for the Congo to regain its sovereignty and preserve it.

He recalled that as a true nationalist and teammate of the former Prime Minister, the late Patrice Emery Lumumba, the illustrious disappeared had courageously taken the fight for the salvation of the Congolese.Named Prime Minister after the 2006 elections, Antoine Gizenga exercised his duties by showing an example of modesty and patriotism. He also praised the calm and serenity that had always characterized him during difficult situations.

For his part, the general counselor and spokesperson of PALU has presented to the audience the moral and intellectual qualities as well as the foundations of his ideology, which his political party considers as a father of independence, a constant political actor and imperturbable who lived in loyalty to nationalist values. He, while calling for the consolidation of the unity of PALU, reassured that he will invest to pursue the vision of his leader who has always dreamed the emergence of a great Congo, strong, united and prosperous.

Born in 1925, in the territory of Gungu, in the province of Kwilu, Antoine Gizenga, has assumed several positions in the public administration as well as within the government. He was notably a primary school teacher at the Saint Charles Lwanga School in the Lingwala township, cashier at the Central Bank of Congo in Kikwit, Kwilu province, Deputy Minister within the government Patrice Lumumba. He died at the age of 94 leaving a widow, three children and several grandsons.