After the alternation consecrated by the coming to power of Felix Tshisekedi, the United States now work for a quick return of peace in the DRC. Donald Trump's "Mr. Africa" has begun an African round that will end in the Great Lakes area. Tigor Nagy will speak with the leaders of Rwanda and Uganda, countries deemed to have a negative impact on the stability of the DRC. According to Washington, the advent of the new power in Kinshasa should rhyme with the end of the kings makers who maintain the chaos in the DRC and the sub-region.

The United States have decided to become deeply involved in the stability of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. According to Washington, it is time for the DRC to emerge from the long cycle of violence that has been a hindrance to business development in the country. The US administration has put the DRC in the priorities of its African policy and is working for the early return of peace before a lasting stability of this giant of the Great Lakes Area. This would greatly open the door to business and expansion of economic interests in any region.

After the passage in the DRC of his special envoy in the Great Lakes Area, Peter Pham, it is the US Under Secretary of State for African Affairs, Tigor Nagy, who is expected in Kinshasa. Unless unforeseen, it is Wednesday, March 13 that the "Mr. Africa" of Donald Trump arrives in Kinshasa. But long before reaching the DRC, the US diplomat will pass through Uganda and Rwanda.

The choice of these two stops is not trivial. It comes from a well-drawn strategic plan from Washington. This is a strong message that Washington wants to send to all those who have always pulled the strings in the destabilization of the DRC. These include Rwanda and Uganda, whose control of the internal affairs of the DRC is an open secret.

It is recalled that since 1996, all rebel movements operating in the DRC have either left Uganda or Rwanda. In Washington, we are well satisfied with this evidence. As the DRC inaugurates the first democratic alternation in its history, US President Donald Trump fears the persistence of the makers of kings and warlords.

Kampala and Kigali: two strategic stopovers

For the US Head of State, the time has come to do business with the DRC. But the prerequisite, according to him, is to stifle all foci of tension from which can start the wind of destabilization of the DRC. According to Washington, Kigali and Kampala are ideal targets.

The passage in these two countries of the US Under-Secretary of State is deterring both Kigali and Kampala as to their involvement in what is happening in their common neighbor. They should be away from the internal affairs of the DRC. The most obvious is that the United States finally wants to build a strategic and solid partnership with the new leaders of the DRC. To take this path, Washington have taken care to inform all countries that have, in the past, had a clear negative influence on the internal affairs of the DRC...