After two days of campaign ended on Sunday at midnight, the candidates for the various posts rely on their fellow of provincial deputies.

Main Applicants

When the candidates' applications were closed, the committee selected a certain number of candidates. Peter Kazadi, Godefroid Mpoyi Kadima and Joseph Malungeni Makengo are candidates for the presidency of the definitive bureau of the provincial parliament. Paul Gérard Sapu Kalimasi Ebondo, Marie Nelly Tsasa Mbungu and Francis Tshibalabala Mukunayi compete for the position of Vice-President while Léon Junior Nembalemba competes with Osée Badibanga Tshilumba as reporter. Joseph Kanzinzi Mafolo, Marie Mutinga Ky and Marie, Régine Kinzunga Nzita and Damien Nkufi Muzilungu fight for the post of Deputy Reporter.

At the post of quaestor, we find Thérèse Masengo Mwabuanga, Grandpa Epiana Zumu and Marie Muabi Tumba Kilanzi. Numerically, the Provincial Assembly of Kinshasa is dominated by the Common Front for Congo (FCC) of former President Joseph Kabila with 17 elected representatives, followed by the Union for Democracy and Social Progress (UDPS) of Felix Tshisekedi with 12 provincial deputies).

Facing the table, the UDPS and the FCC, which didn’t agree to any of these candidates for common electoral journeys, are obliged to renew alliances with other minority forces. It is about Mlc (5 deputies), Tosekwa of Didier Mumengi (4 deputies), AAD by Pierre Lumbi (3 deputies), ABAKO (3 deputies) without forgetting the four voices which came from the customary heads recurrently co-opted.