The CONGOLESE NEWS AGENCY reports on the cover that President Felix Tshisekedi is attending a UN summit on the environment in Nairobi. The daily bulletin of Bas-Congo Avenue points out that the President of the Republic, Félix-Antoine Tshisekedi Tshilombo, left Kinshasa Wednesday for Nairobi, Kenya, where he will take part, from 13 to 14 March 2019, alongside of his African and European peers, to the work of the 4th regular session of the United Nations General Assembly over climate and the environment.

The same bulletin shows that President Félix-Antoine Tshisekedi Tshilombo will hold talks on the sidelines of this meeting with his French homologue, Emmanuel Macron, as well as with Heads of State and Government from Africa and Europe.

And ACP to increase, this first head-to-head with President Macron, will allow him to raise bilateral issues in the way of achieving good cooperation and exchange on ongoing reforms in the Democratic Republic of Congo and strengthening diplomatic ties between the DRC and France.

LE COURREIR DE KINSHASA reveals that Felix Tshisekedi and Emmanuel Macron head-to-head this Thursday in Nairobi. According to this newspaper, the French president will meet for the first time his Congolese homologue and the Malagasy president, Andry Rajoelina, in the margin of the "One Planet Summit" which is held on March 14 in the Kenyan capital.

The two leaders, according to sources at the Elysée, will get advantage to have a bilateral meeting and to discuss about the ongoing reforms in the Democratic Republic of Congo and the strengthening of diplomatic ties between the DRC and France."0

KIVUPRESS.INFO specifies in addition that Felix Tshisekedi arrived to Nairobi for UN Summit over the environment. Felix Antoine Tshisekedi takes share in the 4th session of the UN General meeting over the environment organized by the United Nations Program for environment (UNEP), the media underlines.

The meeting of Nairobi will deal with climatic change problems which strikes the whole world whose African continent undergoes the consequences. The Head of the State will speak in front of experts and organizations engaged in this cause within the framework of a panel on the topic of the safeguarding of the forests while his Malagasy homologue will deal with the biodiversity.

KINSHASATIMES.CD also mentions that the Head of State goes to Nairobi for a Summit over the environment.The site adds that in margin of the 4th General meeting of the United Nations for the environment, the President of the Republic, Felix Antoine Tshisekedi will stay in Nairobi, the Kenyan capital, in order to take part in these meetings which will be held from the 12 to March 15, 2019, that is to say 4 days.

The concerns of the environmental questions under all its aspects inter alia, agricultural and management of plastic waste, recycling on the last non biodegradable matters, will be tackled during this summit, KINSHASATIMES.CD reveals.

Concerning the suspension of the public agents, FORUM DES AS announces: finished the re-creation, Fatshi strikes. It is almost finished for the Minister in charge of the Land Businesses, Lumeya Dhu Maleghi. From now on, he will not be able to sign any document like member of the outgoing Government.

Because, mentions the daily newspaper of Limete, suspended of his functions by an Order of President Felix Tshisekedi, that his principal private secretary Vital Kamerhe read late in the evening of yesterday Wednesday March 13 at Congolese National Radio television (RTNC).

For, MATININFO.NET, Tshisekedi suspended certain agents of the State. The president of the Republic, Felix Tshisekedi asks the Prime Minister to suspend forthwith the Minister in charge of Land Businesses Lumeya Dhu Maleghi; the Manager of the ARPTC, Oscar Manikunda, the Manager of SCPT and his deputy (ex-Onatra) suspended for mismanagement and insubordination.

"The concerned ones will be placed at the disposal of justice", Vital Kamerhe announces, Principal Private Secretary of the Head of State, MATININFO.NET mentions.

"the concerned ones will be placed at the disposal of justice", announces Vital Kamerhe, Principal private secretary of the head of the State, writing MATININFO.NET.

RDCONGOAVENIR.COM mentions that Felix Tshisekedi requires of Bruno Tshibala, to suspend some ministers.The media detail that the president of the Republic suspended Wednesday Oscar Manikunda, director of the authority of regulation of the stations and telecommunications, the ex Onatra Mukoko Samba and that of the Land Businesses Lumeya, matched of measure of the legal proceedings.