Ocha made the announcement at the two-week UN conference in Kinshasa, the day after the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights report on the crisis in Yumbi. "In addition to the immediate emergency response led for the crisis in the health sector, multisectoral humanitarian assistance will be launched today (Wednesday) for more than 15,000 people (Out of place, returnees and home families) which will have to benefit from food assistance "; Joseph Mankamba explained, communication assistant at Ocha.

According to him, these interventions will be followed shortly "by a response in essential household items, emergency shelter, water, hygiene and sanitation, health and nutrition".

The assessment mission, conducted at the beginning of the year, estimates the number of internal displaced persons at 12,500 while some 16,000 people have fled to the Republic of Congo. Approximately 1,000 homes in Yumbi, Bongende and Nkolo villages, 17 schools and 4 health centers were destroyed. In the same way, Ocha announces the resumption of humanitarian activities in Kamako in Kasaï, following the return to calm in this area.