National deputy Claudel André Lubaya called for the removal of all illegal barriers as well as the Go Pass and other similar taxes that have become a heavy financial burden for travelers in the DRC and an inexhaustible source of enrichment for mafia networks.

The elected official of the city of Kananga who declared it in a document received on Tuesday at the ACP denounced the "recklessness" with which the Go Pass is perceived since 2009 and the opacity in which it is managed 10 years after all. While stressing the iniquitous nature of this heritage of the past, it goes without saying that the Regulatory Agency for the Airways (RVA) must be audited to enlighten our people on the allocation of resources for this compulsory tax levied even on infants. " he said before indicating that "the removal of all these obstacles will contribute to the strengthening of the rule of law in its part relating to the equity of the tax by the city against harassment to the traceability of the public expenditure and especially the elimination of abuse of power "

"Because a power exercised by unfair and abusive decisions is incompatible with the rule of law. This is the case with the Go Pass and all the other harassments imposed on citizens at airports, ports and other entry and exit points in the territory and even those related to internal travel", Claudel Lubaya said.

The airport development fund (IDEF) or "Go-Pass" tax was introduced in March 2009 and charged to all passengers embarking in the DRC, Claudel Lubaya for this purpose, invited the President of the Republic Félix Antoine Tshisekedi to use his constitutional prerogatives and his oath to be guided only by the general interest and respect for human rights conferred by section 74 of the Constitution. This is to put an end to the multiple obstacles of fundamental freedoms, including the freedom to come and guaranteed by Article 30 of the Constitution.