According to the statement, the purpose of these operations is to improve relations between the civilian population and the military, strengthen good management, increase the professionalism of the FARDC and create responsive and responsible military forces towards the citizens.

Specific topics for this training include human rights, the prevention of illicit trafficking (human-beings, drugs, weapons and smuggling) and the prevention of the recruitment of soldier children.

Thirty high-ranking FARDC officers will participate in the training, during which they will also learn about best practices related to civil-military operations and discuss the studies that have produced good results but especially those whose results have not likely been achieved.

Organized by the US State Department, this training is delivered by an experienced retired team of senior US Army officers with considerable experience in civil-military operations. The College of Advanced Strategy and Defense Studies, it is recalled, is the highest institution of military education in the fields of security and defense in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

It is responsible for providing postgraduate training for senior executives both civils and military, national and foreign. The training is geared to forward thinking and in-depth research on strategic security and defense issues in the DRC, Africa and the world.

While affirming its Congolese identity and its regional ambition as a school of war, the CHESD has largely been inspired by the French, Belgian, American and Chinese models of tertiary level tertiary institutions. It is open to Africa and over the world.