This resumption was facilitated by the good offices mission initiated by the Metropolitan Archbishop of Kisangani in collaboration with other religious denominations including the Protestant Church, the Salvation Army as well as the Anglican Church.

In all eight colleges and high schools of tourism, girls and boys, school bags in hand were happy to find their way back to school. "It's a decision that has relieved everyone. We thought of a white year, but the professors came back on their decision of the strike, "said one of the students who spoke anonymously.

The teachers suspended their strike waiting for the fulfillment of the promise made by the country's authorities to compensate them. But some professors remain skeptical of the promises of the President of the Republic to repair the damage they suffered during the events of 7 to 8 February.

"We are skeptical. We know this country, with all the promises we make, but which are never realized. We want to see and feel, to see things normalize, "said Professor Pionius Katwala, dean of the Faculty of Science.

Academic, scientific, administrative, technical and workers 'bodies at Kisangani University (Unikis) had started an indefinite strike on Monday, 18 February, after the expiration of eight days' notice to the university authorities. They had to respond to their demands, including the eviction of students of the Elungu complex and the purchase of burnt goods.

According to a report by the evaluation commission, the damages caused by students at Kisangani University during the incidents of 7 and 8 February amount to US 105,405. The resumption of courses at Unikis is the result of the mission of good offices initiated by Monsignor Marcel Utembi, Archbishop of Kisangani, said Professor Benoît Dheda DJailo, acting rector of Unikis. A special adviser of the Head of State is expected this week to resolve the dispute.