They demand the authorities to find one of their comrades kidnapped last Sunday by strangers. Students revealed that the kidnappers have called the family of the unfortunate and are asking for US 6,000 for his release.

"At the moment, we call the family through an Airtel number and we ask for US 6,000. We do not know if the family will be able to find this money", Orlin Lufimbo reveals, also a student at UNIP. "Junior Mwanango Xavier is deputy spokesman for students at our university. We need our comrade. We are tired of insecurity in the student environment. We want Junior to be released unconditionally. The mayor is the competent authority to ensure security. We want him to do something so that we find our comrade.

And that's not all. He must also improve security throughout the city, said Nabintu Nathalie, a third-year graduate student. Deputy Mayor of Goma Juvénal Ndabereye says that mobile homes are being detained to allow specialized services to dismantle kidnappers' networks. "There are solutions that are being sought.

Airtel was asked to follow the situation through the calling number. But, however, we say that students must calm down because the services are working so that they can look for durable solutions to this question and especially that the student is found. Mobile phone houses are challenged. "There are proposals that are made to them so that we can detect all those thugs who can communicate through the numbers of their services," he said.

At least 87 people suspected of insecurity in the city of Goma were arrested last weekend in several bars and brothels by order of the mayor of the city. More than thirty people have been killed in the last two months in Goma.