FORUM DES AS announces the election of the members of the final office of the National Assembly. It is finally this Wednesday, April 17, that will take place the election of the final office of the National Assembly. This is pointed out in a statement of the lower house of Parliament, signed on Tuesday, April 16 by its 1st secretary reporter, Jackon Ausse Afingoto, a copy of which has reached Forum Des As.

PPRD Jeannine Mabunda and PALU and Allies Henri Thomas Lokondo are among the candidates. The elected representative of Mbandaka introduces as an independent candidate. Within the hemicycle, this label brandished by Henri Thomas Lokondo is controversial, the tabloid notes.

LE POTENTIEL is interested in the DRC electricity market for which the FEC blows the mort. "Electricity market: the absence of the regulator distorts the game," this newspaper mentions. Consecrated by the law n ° 14/011 of June 17th, 2014 relative to the sector of the electricity, the liberation of the energy sector continues to lose the balance. In Kolwezi where just held from April 11 to 13, 2019, the fourth conference of the FEC (Federation of Enterprises of Congo), the mines have once again rested the problem, writes the daily.

To this day, the absence of a regulator distorts the rules of the game and does not allow private initiatives to deploy to fill the shortcomings of the Snel (National Electricity Company) to meet a skyrocketing energy demand. Mining companies expect the state to set up the leaders of the electricity regulatory authority to finally give effect to the law of 2014, the tabloid informs.

For its part, L'AVENIR mentions in its headline: "Insecurity in the East, the Tshisekedi’s recipe on the move" . According to the tabloid, this insecurity is enormously expensive to the Treasury, used to mobilize a lot of money for taxation Peace. Felix Tshisekedi himself is aware of this fact, because, formerly candidate president of the Republic, he had been prevented from holding a meeting in Beni. It was due to the insecurity that was in full swing.

The diary of Pius Muabilu reports that wearing the cap of President of the Republic, especially for the very first time he arrives in Nord Kivu, Felix Tshisekedi was more than clear, when he addressed the girls and son of this province. This is because residents of this province have a great responsibility in the emergence of the insecurity that is being decried today.

Under the title "Lamuka: Vuemba joins Félix Tshisekedi", LA PROSPERITE reports. The Congolese People's Movement for the Republic (MPCR), aware of its patriotic duties, driven by the constant concern to seek the true, the right and the beautiful as an indispensable trilogy that must be used as a springboard for the development of the country, concerned about its responsibility before God and the Nation, after analysis of the issue, has decided, now to accompany the President Félix Antoine Tshisekedi to contribute to the advancement of the country, knowing that it is up to the virtuous citizens to restore the coat of arms and to give back to their country the honors which it needs.

The tri-weekly AFRICA NEWS speaks about NGOBILA's vision for Kinshasa. The new Governor promises to set up a provincial bank to collect all duties, taxes and other resources of the city and to organize the financing of economic activities, among others, the entrepreneurship of young people and women.