L’AVENIR mentions in its window that Tshisekedi is expected this Thursday to Kelehe. It arises from the daily newspaper of the Bas -Congo avenue that after Beni where he went to the meeting of the populations victims of Ebola virus pandemia and the insecurity maintained by the ADF terrorist rebels, the President of the Republic, Felix Tshisekedi, returned in Goma, county town of the province of Nord-Kivu.

In his program, the tabloid recalls, it is expected today a visit of comfort in the territory of Kalehe where several people died, victims of a shipwreck.

FORUM DES AS which returns on the sinking of Kivu Lake that caused 150 missing, announced that Fatshi this Thursday in Kalehe to comfort the population. The daily newspaper of Limete said that saddened by this tragedy while he is still in the east of the country, the Head of State promises to identify and punish those responsible for the tragedy.

LE COURIER DE KINSHASA mentions: river transport, Félix Antoine Tshisekedi saddened by the sinking of Kivu Lake. According to the tabloid, the Head of State, currently on round in the east of the country, has learned with consternation, the sinking on April 15 of a boat on Kivu Lake, saying he is afflicted by these deaths among his compatriots.

The President of the Republic said he was "very saddened" after the disappearance of nearly one hundred and fifty people during the sinking of a boat on the Kivu Lake. The death toll of ongoing research by Naval Force sources points out thirty-three survivors and three dead bodies drafted, LE COURIER DE KINSHASA.

150 reported people missing after a shipwreck on the Kivu lake, OUEST-France.FR. confirms. According to the site, 150 people are reported missing after the shipwreck of a dugout motorized on the Kivu Lake in Democratic Republic of Congo, this Monday. The Bukavu-Goma road being impracticable, the population took the practice to go to Goma in the dugouts.

RADIO FRANCE INTERNATIONALE gives echo according to which deads and dozens of missing in a wreck on Kivu Lake. For RFI, a boat that operated the Goma-Kalehe link was shipwrecked on the night of April 15-16. The number of passengers is still unknown but the survivors say it was overloaded.

AFRIQUE INFO MAGAZINE also claims that Felix Tshisekedi "saddened" by the disappearance of 150 passengers in a wreck on the Kivu Lake. This media reports that Monday, April 15, 2019 in the evening, a motorized canoe was wrecked around 17:00 (local time) on the Kivu Lake, near the Buzi grouping in Kalehe territory, west of the city of Bukavu (Sud Kivu, East of DR Congo). "The provisional death toll is 150 missing", reveals a statement from the Presidency of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Similarly, ACTUALITE.CD traces the emotions and anger after the disappearance of at least 150 people in the sinking of a boat on the Kivu Lake. One hundred and fifty (150) people are missing after the sinking of a motorized canoe on Monday, April 15 on the Kivu Lake, announced Tuesday, April 16, President Felix Tshisekedi, saying "very sad", the media online reveals.