The CONGOLESE NEWS AGENCY reports that the President of the Republic, Félix Antoine-Tshisekedi Tshilombo, returned to Kinshasa on Thursday through a regular Congo Airways, after a mini-round that led successively him to Lubumbashi in Haut Katanga, Goma and Beni in Nord Kivu and Kalehe in Sud Kivu.

According to the ACP, he was received at N'djili airport by a restricted committee made up of FARDC and PNC officers before submitting to all the usual formalities like any other passenger. 

L'AVENIR informs that to honor the memory of more than 140 Kalehe shipwrecked in Sud Kivu: "Tshisekedi issues a national mourning". In Haut Katanga and Nord Kivu, this newspaper reveals, he gave firm instructions to put an end to the insecurity and the Ebola virus disease. In Kalehe, on the other hand, he went to comfort more than 140 bereaved families following the capsizing of a motorized boat, on Monday, April 15th.

On this occasion, he declared a national mourning day this Friday, April 19, 2019, before insisting that no boat should sail without lifebuoys for each passenger, L’AVENIR concludes.

FORUM DES AS mentions that "the sinking on the Kivu Lake, Fatshi decrees this Friday as national day of mourning. The newspaper of Limete reports that President Felix Tshisekedi rescues the grieving populations of Kalehe, Sud Kivu. The newspaper adds that it has taken a number of steps not only to show compassion, but also to prevent the tragedy on the Kivu Lake from happening again.

In another subject, LE POTENTIEL mentions: "While aligning itself within the parliamentary Majority, Udps and the UNC sell their heart to Kabila". For these media, between Udps of Felix Tshisekedi, the Union for the UNC of Vital Kamerhe as well as the FCC of Joseph Kabila, it is the perfect love. It is to the National Assembly that the three parties decided to bind their fate under the colors of the parliamentary Majority "Which had believed it still a few months ago? ", reports the daily newspaper which speaks about a" spectacular reversal "of the UDPS and the" negation of 37 years of a political combat ".

AFRICA NEWS is questioned: "Which writes the official messages referring to the activities of Fatshi? "the triweekly notes that the Twitter account of the Presidency" embarrasses ". The communication at the most top of the State has a great importance. This one must meet the rigorous of form and basic standards. Any person having curiosity to read, without malignant intention, the messages posted on the twitter official account of the Presidency of the Republic is struck and embarrassed by the persistence of certain French language and detected spelling mistake there. Faults that the pupils, allowed with the contest of passage in final class, would avoid making under penalty of being readjusted- thçs newspaper comments on.

On its side, CONGO NOUVEAU mentions on its front page, "When a trade union sets up as an instigator of the disorders, DGI: Handled, the CDT enters in rebellion against the general direction ".This fellow-member specifies that, Eleven, it is the number of the trade unions which make the inter-union one of the General Managing of Taxes (DGI). From these eleven, only one syndicate, in fact the democratic confederation of work (CDT) left the table of negotiations with the ministry of finances about the appreciation of the retrocession.