They call for the opening of negotiations with the government, particularly with the Minister of Finance to obtain the payment of this premium which, according to some indiscretions, is estimated at 203 billion Congolese francs.

"The DGI agents are waiting for the dialogue with their ministry to be opened so that the premium is paid according to the law," said the president of the Democratic Confederation of Labor (CDT), Pierre Clavaire Mangwaya. According to Mr. Patrice Yangoba, a member of the trade union delegation, the DGI has achieved a budget overrun estimated at 35.5% compared to the assignments for the 2018 financial year, ie a budget execution rate of 135.5%, adding that it is in this way that the agents of this financial authority claim this premium.

He stressed that this bonus must be paid to all DGI staff throughout the Republic. He recalled that the premium of the capital gain is calculated at the rate of 20% of the achievements assigned by the government, before adding that the non-payment of this premium may lead to the outbreak of a generalized strike. He reassured the officers' willingness to return to work, if the government accepts the negotiations.

The payment of this bonus is a necessity, because it allows them to stay the course for the budget assignments of 2019, he said, recalling that such a realization was no longer recorded from 2010 to 2017. Note that these protesters held their discussions outside the facilities of the DGI because of the presence of the police, sent on the ground, to prevent the holding of a meeting of the general assembly that the trade union had convened.