"Appointment of a Prime Minister: Tshisekedi and Kabila buoy the way". The President of the Republic exchanged yesterday at Cité de l’ Union Africaine with the former President of the Republic and moral authority of the Common Front for Congo ( FCC), Joseph KABILA. The two personalities, witnesses of the peaceful alternation having promised to meet, this umpteenth meeting is the proof that all is well between the two for the happiness of the coalition, according to L’ AVENIR which proposes this title.

According to reliable sources, still reveals this newspaper, one hears that the two personalities discussed a number of topics, including the CACH-FCC coalition, the appointment of the next prime minister and his government, and the balance between the forces involved withi0n the National Assembly and the other institutions of the country.

"Tshisekedi -Kabila: new direct discussions", LA PROSPERITE let know. In the article bearing this title, the latter recalls: "After receiving it two months ago during an exchange of several hours after which nothing had filtered through the press, the President of the Republic received for the second time since his investiture, his predecessor, this Monday, at the Cité de l’Union Africaine. On the menu of this head-to-head, the state of the FCC-CACH coalition, the appointment of the next prime minister and his government and the balance of power within the National Assembly and other institutions whose pro Kabila hold the baton of command, this newspaper mentions, like L'AVENIR. It should be noted that this meeting comes at a time when wild rumors are circulating about the name of the future trainer of the government, LA PROSPERITE reports.

Also on this subject, LE POTENTIEL titles: "Kabila at Tshisekedi: to blow the locks".
It asks wanders of what have they talked first: "What did they say to each other? "Before explaining that" In the upper town, the meeting on Monday between Felix Tshisekedi and Joseph Kabila was at the center of all conversations. Especially, as the confusion is getting the National Assembly, not to mention the vagueness surrounding the establishment of the next government. Some hope that this umpteenth meeting will remove the obstacles that block the process of the effective establishment of new institutions. And LE POTENTIEL adds: "If nothing has filtered from this meeting, the opinion does not make illusions.

About the election of the Speaker of the National Assembly, "Lokondo invalidated, Mabunda has the free way", L’AVENIR mentions. Following the incidental motion of the PPRD deputy, François Nzekuye, following the report on the processing of applications, the plenary of this institution voted yesterday Monday the invalidation of the candidacy of MP Henri Thomas Lokondo. Thus, the honorable Jeannine Mabunda is now alone candidate for the presidency of the National Assembly and, it reveals, a big boulevard opens before her.

L’AVENIR returns to the same subject in another article entitled: "The deputies decided to pass Jeannine Mabunda". Two large posters are in the running for the presidency of the National Assembly. This is, it quotes, the brilliant and experienced national deputy Henri Thomas Yoka Lokondo, elected of Mbandaka, who has applied as an independent despite his political regrouping, Palu and Allies. And deputy Jeannine Mabunda, elected of Bumba, PPRD’s senior, honorary Minister of Portfolio and advisor of the former President Joseph Kabila.

Curiously, this newspaper reports, the two challengers are from Grand Equateur. The latter (Mabunda) is the favorite choice of the parliamentary majority. It is together with Deputy Jean-Marc Kabund, temporary president of the Udps, the winning ticket of the FCC-CACH coalition.

Confusion yesterday within the National Assembly ", according to FORUM DES AS that is also interested in these elections- It is in principle, it mentions, today that the deputies must elect the seven members of the definitive Office of the lower house of the Congolese parliament. However, this tabloid observes, the atmosphere that characterized yesterday's plenary, also incites many observers to doubt the actual holding of this vote. FORUM DES AS, which deplores: "In any case until late yesterday, there was no official statement confirming the plenary devoted to the election."