The President of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Felix Tshisekedi, exchanged yesterday at the Cité de l’Union Africaine (AU) with the former President of the Republic and Moral Authority of the Common Front for Congo (FCC), Joseph Kabila Kabange. The two personalities witnessing the peaceful alternation having promised to meet, this umpteenth meeting is the proof that all is well between the two, for the happiness of the coalition.

This meeting, as it should be pointed out, comes at a time when the CACH-FCC coalition has presented its ticket to the election of members of the political office of the National Assembly, led by the Honorable Jeanine Mabunda Lioko.

This election is expected to take place today, Tuesday, within the National Assembly. Now that the President of the Republic, Félix Tshisekedi had expressed the wish to exchange with the parliamentary majority and the opposition will it always pursue its initiative in order to calm each other and to allow a landing in softness of the provisional office of the National Assembly

According to reliable sources, the two personalities discussed several topics, notably the CACH-FCC coalition, the appointment of the next prime minister and his government, not to mention the balance of forces at the National Assembly and in the other institutions of the country. Regarding the CACH-FCC coalition, many Congolese think that it should be structured to know who is doing what and in what way it is necessary for the coalition to be structured to facilitate a fair and balanced sharing of responsibilities. This will also avoid any frustration that may provoke a dreaded divorce of several observers of the Congolese political scene.

Regarding the appointment of the new Prime Minister and his team, Joseph Kabila's former cabinet director Jean-Pierre Kambila, speaking on a peripheral media, said that his political family, the FCC, had never submitted his candidacy Albert Yuma as Prime Minister, it is true that the new Prime Minister is expected and that will not be according to some testimonies to be the subject of the sanctions of the European Union or the United States of America.

How will Felix Tshisekedi behave on this? He is eagerly expected both by the supporters who want to see new blood and by the international community, which keeps asking him to distance himself from former President Joseph Kabila. This Prime Minister and his team will be invested by the National Assembly.

What will be this rare bird? Everyone's eyes are on the President of the Republic, who will have to appoint him by the end of the week. Needless to say, the Prime Minister will come from the parliamentary majority. Hence, the need for the lower house of Parliament to have a definitive office- but long before that, Prime Minister Bruno Tshibala will have to submit the resignation of his government.

As for the balance of power within the National Assembly and in the "other institutions of the country, it is important to specify that, with regard to the lower house of Parliament, the responsibility is shared in connection with the Rule 26 of the Rules of Procedure, according to which, everything is done in relation to the forces involved in. However, it is the CACH-FCC coalition that dominates and stands out. This allows being attributed 6 posts out of 7 at the office of the National Assembly.

Let us say that there are also special and permanent commissions which, if desired, will interest the opposition national deputies. On the subject of other institutions, not only will CACH and its FCC partner gain the lion's share, but they will also miss taking into account of geopolitics while paying attention to gender and minorities.

Apart from it, it is necessary for the Congolese to continue to hope for a better tomorrow, it is a President of the Republic accompanied by all the institutions of the Republic, to improve the living conditions of population and thus boost the development of the country.