Far from being a mere slogan, the question of restoring state authority and peacemaking throughout the national territory remains a major challenge at all costs. When Felix Tshisekedi evokes it, he knows what he means for the development of the country.

Thus, last Friday, April 12, the President of the Democratic Republic of Congo went personally to Lubumbashi, economic capital of the DRC and the second largest city, to inquire about the situation on the spot. He was in a meeting with the High Council of Defense to get in possession of all the necessary details relating to the recurrent dread and suddenly installed in this part of the Republic.

From there, he flew to the east of the country or for several years, millions of Congolese savagely massacred by armed groups that swarm the villages. He promised to do all his best to restore peace in this part of the Republic and invited the militia to lay down their arms.

This, before going to Kalehe, Sud Kivu where more than 150 people died in a wreck on the Kivu Lake- A national mourning of a day was also decided following this. He made all these displacements on regular plane of the national airline Congo Airways. What is indeed, a strong message and for some, a sign of simplicity launched towards any people.

The Head of State listens

During this so-called inspection tour, Félix Antoine Tshisekedi will have obtained sufficient information on the possible causes of the security situation in this part of the country, its immediate and distant consequences on the mental and physical health of the population, but also on the development of the Republic.

Apart from the authorities of the concerned territories, the Head of State also met the people who did not hesitate to tell him of his fears related to the sad reality of the daily trauma...