The Head of State has in his message, reiterated his promises of the campaign including the closing of the clandestine dungeons, the fight against impunity to eradicate corruption and illicit enrichment and the search for the well-being of the population , before affirming the accomplishment of some since his accession at the supreme magistracy.

President Félix Tshisekedi, who thanked the boyomaise population for their hospitality, said he knows Kisangani's problems, which can be summed up by the lack of drinking water and electricity, the dilapidated road infrastructure and the social of Tshopo populations.

"All these are in my agenda," he said. His agenda includes a visit to Kisangani University (UNIKIS) on Wednesday, where he will be immersed in the evolution of the situation after the unrest last February, which paralyzed academic activities for more than two months as well as the inauguration of another bridge before talking with local notables.