LA PROSPERITE looks at the election of the definitive office and mentions at its headline: "Mabunda-Kabund: towards the plebiscite of FCC-CACH ticket ". According to the newspaper of Mont Fleuri, the hour of truth has come to the National Assembly of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

"The Provisional Office of the Lower House of Parliament, under the leadership of Pierre Maloba Makonji, confirmed the election and installation of the members of the definitive office", the newspaper reports. These polls will indeed take place on the morning of Wednesday, April 24, 2019, it specifies. Incredibly it may be, the tabloid is astonished, "the FCC-CACH ticket is really well set to finally recover the direction of this great institution of the Republic thanks in particular to its large comfortable majority acquired at the end of the national elections of Sunday 30 December 2018".

L’AVENIR in its turn adds that after his brilliant performance within the National Assembly, "The Mabunda’s ticket will be installed today", this newspaper reveals. Scheduled for yesterday, Tuesday, April 23, 2019, the election of the members of the final office of the National Assembly did not take place, It rather experienced a shift of a few hours because of the disruption of the debates between the elected representatives of the Majority and the Opposition around some issues that divide them in connection to this electoral process.

The election of the members of the final office of the National Assembly will be held this Wednesday, April 24, at 10 am, said the president of the provisional office of the National Assembly, Pierre Maloka Makonji, at the closing of the plenary session yesterday, the newspaper reports.

Regarding the new government, FORUM DES AS mentions: "Fallout of his face-to-face Monday with the moral authority of the FCC, Fatshi: '' Prime Minister in the coming days". Soon white smoke at the Primature’s roof ?, tries to question the newspaper. "Presumably yes- it answers. The following day of Monday's head-to-head meeting between Joseph Kabila, the FCC's moral authority and President Félix Tshisekedi at the Cité de l'Union Africaine, there are more and more signals, this newspaper notes. "All sources are categorical about the fact that the two men finally agreed on the question of the Head of Government, the tabloid reports. Nothing should therefore block the signing of the presidential order naming the successor of Bruno Tshibala, the newspaper assured. Hence, the announcement by the Head of State, since Kisangani, the appointment in the next few days, the long-expected of Prime Minister, this daily informs.

In a purely economic register, LE POTENTIEL headlines: "The monetary system on the verge of asphyxiation: difficult access of the Central Bank to its account in foreign currency"

"Would the Central Bank of Congo go against the financial sanctions of the United States by operating foreign currency accounts of Congolese personalities targeted by Washington? "Asks the daily. In Congolese financial circles, chained the confrère, the subject is debated. "The difficulties of the BCC are that it must pass through the commercial banks for some of its foreign currency transactions. US sanctions are already digging cracks in the Congolese financial system", the tabloid reveals.

AFRICANEWS which focuses on the Kinshasa Provincial Assembly, headlines: "Panic in the capital, 18 days after the arrest of Roger Nsingi: Kimbuta's finance minister questioned"

Guy Matondo Kingolo is aimed by the new Provincial Assembly of Kinshasa, the newspaper let know. And this, "following a motion of deputy of Kintambo, Didier Tenge te Litho, decided to audit the finances and accounting of the city after 11 years of management of the former administration", this tri-weekly reveals.